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  • We are funny people!

    We are funny people!

  • This meeting is so intense.

    This meeting is so intense.

  • Confirmation of beer drinking.

    Confirmation of beer drinking.

This year we are helping the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. We need your help; please donate today.


Spokane Beard & Mustache Foundation is the most unique organizations in Spokane!

Keeping Spokane weird one facial hair at a time

Community Outreach

Positive looking hair

Spokane Beard & Mustache Foundation is about promoting a positive outlook on the bearded lifestyle. We look at challenge peoples minds to look past the hair on our face and see what we are all about.

Spokane Giving

Spokane Giving

Raising money for charities

We have setup Spokane Beard & Mustache Foundation, and are applying to be a 501c3 organization, to give to the community. We raise funds differently than any other group in the area and it starts with our 2 kickass events during Septembeard. We need your help; will you be a grower?

Competitive Bearding

Competitive Bearding

Put your whiskers on the line

For those who have the facial hair genetics of a god, we recommend you get into competitive bearding. We are a Beard Team USA member and host our own event on October 4th. Beard competitions are always a ton of fun! Come to our meetings to discuss strategy for your next competition.

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